Reserve your whole or half pig now! 

Pork will be ready for pick up in May, and again from September through November 2017.

Our pigs are raised outside in woodlot and converted pasture where we feel they have adequate and healthy access to sunlight, shade, and dirt, and all the space and freedom to behave as pigs will. We rotate them on a bi weekly basis, and in addition to the grasses, plants and roots they happily forage for, they are fed organic milk and whey from our dairy, organic waste vegetables from the market garden, and organic grain from Morrison's Custom Feeds in Vermont.

As for the final product you receive, the pork is custom cut to your specifications (it is also possible to have pork state inspected for re sale), vacuum sealed and frozen. We aim to grow these pigs so their hanging weight comes to about 200 pounds (there can be quite a range from about 180-240#, so you can specify if you'd like a larger or smaller pig), which translates to 130-140# of meat for your freezer from a whole pigs, or about 70# of meat from a half pig. A whole pig requires about 5 cubic feet of freezer space, and a half pig occupies roughly 2.5 cubic feet, which is the standard size of a refrigerator freezer.  

The cost is $4.50 per pound of hanging weight, with a $0.75 additional cost per pound for any meat you choose to have smoked. If you prefer nitrate free smoking, the cost is an additional $1.00 per pound. 

If you do choose to reserve a pig, we'll email you a cut list in early December. The pork can be picked up from us at the farm in early January.

Please let us know if you'd like to reserve a half or whole pig by December 14, 2015.


From our neighbors down the road at Grace Pond Farm

Certified organic, pasture raised. 

Chickens available to order now fresh or frozen. Also available frozen in the farmstore. 

Turkeys will be available for Thanksgiving.

Email gracepondeatlocal@gmail.com to reserve a bird



Heifers & cows raised on all organic feeds, primarily grass, silage, and hay.  Available by the half and whole animal, custom cut to your specifications. Whole, half, and quarter animals are $6/lb hanging weight.

We also wholesale ground beef in 1# packages. $6.50 per pound or $6.25 for 10# or more.