Friends, Partners & Resources

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the support of our business partners, farm partners, and our friends, family & neighbors. To take a good look at the the incredible group of people we have the privilege of working with is to be full of hope & heart. We can accomplish so much when we are all working towards the same goals of sound animal husbandry practices for the creatures we steward, thriving communities, sustainable environmental practices for our forests and fields, and nourishing food for the tables of our families. We are grateful to all that we work with, and we thank you in turn for being a part of our life & work.

See a full list of all our retail partners at our distribution page.

Grace Pond Farm, our farm partners and friends, grower of amazing poultry, with whom we share a dairy herd, and, to quote Rhiannon at Grace Pond Farm, "with whom we will one day pen a best seller about the art of cooperative farming. Until then we are happy to care for one another's livestock, children, and farm (ad)ventures."

Misty Brook Farm, our distributor and amazing farmers! 

Frontier Maple Sugarworks, providing us with maple goodness from the western reaches of Maine. 

Two Loons Farm, mentors in farming, from whom we learned so much of what (little!) we know of dairy farming.

MOFGA, we are both appreciative graduates of the apprenticeship and journeyperson programs, and MOFGA remains an indispensable resource for us. 

The Villageside Farm, mentors in farming, with sage advice aplenty.

Hancock Family Farm, mentors in farming & life hacks. 

Rocky Ridge Farm, farm neighbors!

Cosmic Goat Farm, farm neighbors!

Jenny Nelson, Wylde Photography, taker of beautiful story telling photographs including the photos on our website's cover page

Merrill's Blueberries, purveyors of Maine's finest wild fruits.