January 23, 2019

40 Hour Full Time Creamery Position

Hiring to start immediately:

The Milkhouse is a certified organic dairy farm and creamery started in South China in 2012. From there, we relocated our home farm to Monmouth in 2015, where we’ve been able to greatly expand our operation. We bottle raw organic Jersey milk and make a variety of yogurts.  We sell our farmstead dairy products to accounts in Maine ranging from Brewer to Kittery. Meat from our cows and pigs is sold to some wholesale accounts, but in large part, directly to consumers from our on farm store.

We’re hiring for a 40 hour per week position. These hours will be fulfilled in the creamery. Our team is made up of people who, at least to some extent, have a hand in all aspects of the business: on the farm, in the creamery & in the office. We like for everyone who works here to feel that they are part of a working team, and to have a good sense of the whole operation, if not in practice then in theory.

Creamery responsibilities include yogurt making (heating milk, labeling, prepping, and filling containers, any and all clean up required-which is a lot!), processing and packaging greek yogurt, prepping orders, some paperwork. Farm related responsibilities could include milking, any and all care of animals, mucking out stalls, washing milk parlor walls, small building projects, setting up and moving fencing, collecting & washing eggs, etc.

The right person for this job is passionate about and interested in sustainable food systems, local economy and community, enjoys working with milk and food processing, pays great attention to detail, has knowledge of or willingness to learn basic sanitation practices, maintains patience and enthusiasm whilst spending long hours in the dairy, has the ability to lift 50+ pounds, possesses great communication skills, has a valid driver’s license, and is happy to work solo and with others.

We farm & process milk 7 days a week. The schedule can be flexible but we are looking for someone to work on one or two weekend days. Pay is $12 an hour plus food we raise & produce (yogurt, milk, pork, beef, eggs: all certified organic or raised as such). Serious inquiries only. Interest in longer term commitments preferred. We like to do a working interview when possible, so the applicant can meet everyone on our team, and put in a couple hours of time with us in order to get an introductory sense of the job.

To apply, please send a resume, brief letter of intent, and two references to Caitlin mainemilkhouse@gmail.com.